Mobile Vivo V17, Display Cellphone Today

Seeing the specifications of the HP Vivo V17 of course everyone would immediately want to bring home this sophisticated mobile phone. Because, the Vivo is now increasingly understanding about the needs of its fans and always provide the best through their mobile products. In fact, the preparation from the origin of the bamboo curtain country is still relatively young in the world of mobile counseling in the world.

Specifications for HP Vivo V17

Carrying the Camera360 phone concept, Vivo always looks good especially in terms of the camera. What’s more, Vivo phones are indeed the most sophisticated in the class at a fairly affordable price. For that, let’s look at the specifications of the HP Vivo V17 which is sure to bite your fingers.


As for the cellphone engine, this cellphone also cannot be considered a weak cellphone. Installed Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that is able to drive the Octa-core engine clearly makes this phone has god specifications.

Armed with Adreno 612 GPU and Android Pie Operating system, this phone has 8GB of RAM. The large RAM capacity clearly makes this phone capable of bulldozing heavy applications or your favorite games. If the memory is lacking, this phone also supports micorSD up to 256 GB.

Body Quality

Carrying a 6.44-inch wide screen specifications of the HP Vivo V17 has a fairly light weight mobile phone. Only weighs 176 g, obviously making people will not be bothered when holding a cell phone on this one.

In terms of design, this phone looks futuristic with a very wide screen front. The ratio of body to screen ratio is definitely very, very small because this phone also adheres to the non-menu button design.

The design of the back of this phone is equally charming, the camera numbered 4 neatly lined up on the left top of this phone. The existing camera layout also does not look forced so the cellphone looks charming.

Screen Quality

The specifications of the Vivo V17 mobile phone in terms of screen are also very extraordinary. Armed with a type of Super AMOLED screen, this mobile screen is certainly very strong to withstand the existing pressure.

The fingers of its users will also feel a sly touch on the glass screen of this phone. In terms of quality on the screen, this mobile screen can display fullHD + images with pixel capability of 1080 x 2340 pixels. Certainly the level of color clarity will accompany you when playing this phone.

Camera Quality

Talking about Vivo is definitely talking about the camera. The specifications of the HP Vivo V17 in terms of this camera will certainly make you chuckle in awe.

Equipped with a high-powered quad-camera lens, your shots will be very charming. The main camera of this phone has a power of 48 MP, 8 MP second camera and sequential third and fourth camera 2 MP.

The cameras are certainly you with Instagram-able features such as ultra wide, macro and depth sensor. Not only the rear camera, the Vivo V17’s front camera is also ready to spoil your selfie photo needs.

Equipped with a 32 MP front camera, your selfie class will become clearer. This camera phone can also capture video with 1080p (HD) quality.

Other Features

As with other sophisticated mobile phones, the Vivo V17 is also equipped with contemporary features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. This GSM mobile phone is also equipped with sensors that will add to the user’s mobile phone experience.

These sensors include fingerprint, accelerometer, gyro, proximity and compass. For the USB part this phone carries USB type C type and also supports the use of USB On-The-Go.

In addition, the specifications of the HP Vivo V17 are also complete with the presence of fast charging features for batteries with a capacity of 4500 mAh.

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