Narzo Realme Specifications, Today’s Cellphones Are More Sophisticated

The domestic mobile phone manufacturer of bamboo curtains, the new Realme plans to issue their latest sophisticated mobile titled Narzo Realme specifications. Realme itself claims that this phone will be assembled to please the younger generation of children.

Narzo Realme Specifications

Through their Twitter account, Realme finally released the date of their new mobile product release. The plan for people to start tasting the specifications of the Narzo Realme is dated March 26, 2020.

Body Design

Talking about the body that will be carried by this cellphone, of course, the futuristic impression will be felt. With a 6.5-inch widescreen with a screen-to-body ratio of 89.8 percent this phone looks very sophisticated.

The melancholy impression of a waterdrop top can also be seen on this phone. In terms of the body, this phone is coated with a striped design and with a more matte color.

For comfort when holding it certainly does not need to be asked again. The sensation of holding a soft but not funny will be obtained from this one phone.

Kitchen Runway Quality

Narzo Realme specifications in terms of the kitchen runway itself there is no official information from the manufacturer. It’s just because it is targeting the Z generation. Of course, this phone will equipping with a powerful machine that can bulldoze all types of applications and how that is.

According to rumors circulating chipset settlement that will pair on this phone is the type of MediaTek Helio G80 or Helio G70. It is certain that the qualities bring by both of them is very fulfilling for all of their cellphone needs.

In addition, this phone will also equip with a 5,000 mAh battery. With a large capacity battery that is increasingly clear if Realme will bring this phone as one of the gaming gear. Children of the current generation like this smartphone. Sure so the fun can have it.

Camera Quality

Narzo Realme specifications in terms of shooting tools, Realme will definitely not want to miss the current trends. Seeing this cellphone that wants to compete with other sophisticated products, in this Narzo Realme phone, it looks like it will stick to a quad-camera with 48 MP main lens strength.

This is considering that such quality is already used by rival Realme phones. Surely Realme will not want to lose with rivals. From the rumors circulating the other three rear cameras also have cameras with a lens strength that is no less good, each 8 MP.

The quality of the camera is so good, it will definitely produce a photo capture that is certainly clearer and sharper. For his father’s Inis cellphone selfie camera, there is no further information about his strength.

The Price of the Narzo Realme

Although armed with very high-tech specifications, it is very likely that Realme will not set a high price for this cellphone. This is because Realme is a mobile phone manufacturer that is always targeting the lower middle market. According to rumors, you only need to spend 2.1 million to enjoy the specifications of this Narzo Realme.

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